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Why a Condenser?

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The Condenser is what helps regulate

A condenser (or AC condenser) is the part of your hvac system that exists outdoors. Its job is to keep you cool by releasing heat or during the colder season, it will collect heat and keep you warm. 

The condenser unit consists of a few important parts such as the condenser cabinet, the condenser coil, a compressor, a fan, and various controls. The condenser coil can be made of copper tubing with aluminum fins or all-aluminum tubing so heat can be rapidly transferred.

The fan is probably one of the most important parts of the system as it circulates that air across the main coil and either heats or cools. If the lungs of your system is the air handler, the condenser can be thought of as the heart of your hvac system and without it, there would be no life. In air conditioners, the refrigerant is cooled at the condenser into a warm liquid, and passes through a pipe into the evaporator coil where it expands and cools. In heat pumps, the hot gas is pumped directly to the evaporator coil to provide heat.